Lynda Rothery IIR MAR Ingham Method
Living Reflexology
Living Reflexology

Prioritise some quality time for your health
                   and wellbeing

Feel Balanced and Relaxed with Relief from
                   Stress and Tension

stimulating the reflex areas of the feet 
has been shown to help many health issues as
      it improves nerve and blood supply

Reflexology is suitable for everyone. 
Over 75% of health problems are
exacerbated by anxiety, stress and tension


 A form of preventative maintenance helping

        nature to normalise body functions.

£30 for a one hour treatment
£25 if you are a senior citizen
£20 Gift card  for a Taster Treatment (40 Mins)

Home address;-
St Mary's Hall, North Carr Road, West Stockwith,  DN10 4EZ

On the borders of South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire
and Lincolnshire.

Near to Bawtry, Retford and Gainsborough

Please contact me to book a treatment or for information;-

Mobile;        07527352322  (msg or call)

E/mail ;